Born in Casper, Wyoming, Albin Veselka lived most of his life in Idaho. His interest in art began at six years old and continued to blossom from that point forward. He is grateful to his parents, who were instrumental in encouraging his emerging talent even when resources were scarce. In 2006 Veselka received his B.F.A. from Brigham Young University (Provo, UT). He credits the knowledgeable and student-focused faculty in the art department for giving him "the tools all representational artists must have to communicate in the visual arts." While Veselka was still in college, he began to break into the gallery scene and has since continued to develop his career, receiving honors from several prestigious organizations and shows.    

Veselka’s career has been a continual learning experience, and he finds inspiration in a variety of subject matter and working methods. His development has been influenced by several artists past and present, including Fechin, Sargent, Sorolla, Abram Arkhipov, Harvey Dunn, Richard Schmid, Carl Rungius, Mike Malm, Carolyn Anderson, and Leon Parson. Veselka and his wife and four children live in Idaho, where he paints full time.

"If I can enrich the lives of those who view my work in any way, I have accomplished my goal. There is something of the divine that comes through the work of one who has mastered his mode of expression and who has something good to say. When that message comes through and awakens something within the viewer that improves his or her life, that, I believe, is the higher purpose of art. That is what I strive for.” ~ Albin Veselka

Veselka is represented by A. Banks Gallery (Bozeman, MT), Montana Gallery (Billings, MT), Trailside Galleries (Jackson, WY and Scottsdale, AZ), and Waterhouse Gallery (Santa Barbara, CA).