Jeremy Mann

Jeremy Mann was born in Cleveland in 1979. After receiving a B.F.A. by “playing with every art medium” and then realizing he still didn’t know how to paint what he saw, the artist decided to pursue an M.F.A. in a more classical tradition. That education in San Francisco allowed him to learn the basics, but it did not teach him how to think about art or apply that thinking to his own vision and voice. Noticing both the strengths and deficiencies in these two educational approaches, Mann combined them, removed what didn’t work, added his own unique flavor and flair, and found his way. “Mash all of these experiences together, and you’ll have a basic me recipe,” the artist says. 

He goes on to state, “An artist must cross any and all mediums in his or her expression. One should not only be a painter but also a tinker, craftsman, a poet, an explorer, a thinker, writer and wanderer, each vein of experience feeding the blood of the whole body. I believe that as much as one studies math, equations, and complex formulas on paper with calculators, pens, compasses, and graphs to become a great engineer, so too should one study drawing from life, painting, expressing, poetry, writing, and music to become a great human being. I yearn to be one of those artistic spices of inspiration in the breakfast of people’s lives.”

Mann is represented by Evoke Contemporary (Santa Fe), Gallery 1261 (Denver), Maxwell Alexander Gallery (Los Angeles), and Principle Gallery (Alexandria, VA).