Patrick Saunders


Patrick studied with many renowned painters, including Mark English, Malcolm Liepke, Wilbur Niewald, Richard Schmid, and Burton Silverman. 

Painting a variety of subjects including portraits, pet portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, and florals - Patrick's work is sold internationally.

Always seeking the next challenge, Patrick has worked as an illustrator, designer, animator, educator, musician, entrepreneur, and a fine artist. Throughout his career, Patrick has been recognized by his peers for outstanding work, earning awards from the American Advertising Federation, the International Academy of the Visual Arts, the Web Marketing Association, the Society of Illustrators, and Communication Arts. In 2001, he was featured by Southwest Art Magazine as one of their 21 Artists to Watch Under 31. In 2006, his students at the Kansas City Art Institute voted to honor Patrick with the award for Educator of the Year.