Ron Elstad


Ron is a master painter specializing in California, western landscape and coastal scenes. Influenced by early American Impressionists and western Taos painters, he implements the quality of brushwork and rich color found in their paintings.


I love the wilderness and everything about it but, foremost, I love the trees. I have a great deal of respect for their never yielding ability to take all of nature's "woes" only to give back the very air we breathe. I find being out in the wilderness with the trees to be a very peaceful as well as a spiritually rewarding experience. It was for this reason I chose all the aspects of nature as my genre. My hope is to convey all of my personal experiences to the viewer through my paintings.

As a painter it is the aspect qualities of dynamic design which ignites my soul with creative emotion. I believe these aspects are the very foundations for the success and longevity of a painting. Furthermore, I find these aspects formulate better when applied to a composition which is close up to the subject rather than a panoramic view. However, I have no problem with a panoramic view which embodies the very qualities of design I admire and strive to capture.

The subject alone is never my first concern when it comes to choosing what I'm going to paint. What's most important to me is that the composition should evoke an emotional response, and it embodies all the aspects of great design. However, this is still not enough for me—as I find doing the same type of painting over and over again to be very boring and laborious —it is for this reason I like to constantly explore all of my options. It is these options which bring forth a great deal of variety to how and what I might paint. Variety is the very thing that keeps me emotionally alive as a painter. "Painting is not just my is my passion….it is my life."

In producing my paintings, I work wet into wet mixing the pure tube colors directly on the canvas with the use of a variety of dynamic brush and palette knife strokes. I apply the paint in a thick impasto style. This enables me to bring a great deal of interest to the surface of the canvas with lively texture. I find it's this surface quality which offers another dimension to the over all success of the painting. I believe my design style and brush work are the foremost distinctive qualities of my work.

I believe in producing the highest quality work possible. I do this not only because it's in my nature, but because I want to be part of keeping our artistic heritage alive. I believe it's very important that we as artists do our best to keep from diluting the quality of art work which came before us. This is why I strive earnestly to produce the quality in my work to be no less than the equal of those masters of the-turn-of-the-last-century and before.

I am very pleased to announce that two of my paintings have been accepted into this year's California Art Club's Gold Metal Show. It is always thrilling to be acknowledged for maintaining a standard of quality work.