Tim Kelly


"Plein air" is a French term which translates to "open air". "Alla prima" is an Italian term meaning "first attempt". In the vernacular of Art, the terms apply to the practice of painting outside, directly observing one's subject, and completing the painting in a single session. This has been Baltimore artist Tim Kelly's primary mode of expression for about ten years. Almost all of his gallery intended oil paintings are done in this fashion, with a priority placed on observational fidelity. Tim's work sometimes takes on a documentary or reportorial flavor, as he endeavors to capture the essence of a scene as accurately as he can.
"I like the directness and immediacy of a single session painting. Such works often carry a freshness to them that can be polished away in multi session studio paintings. There is a visceral charm to plein air painting- not only in the finished results, but also in the process of creating it."  Tim is a graduate from Maryland Institute, College of Art, where he majored in illustration, and is now an avid participant in plein air events in the Mid Atlantic area. He is also a licensed tractor trailer driver, and has become very good at annoying his family with his poor guitar playing.